David  Baskin

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We live on an extraordinary planet. I have been privileged to have been to 185 different countries, some of them multiple times. Each country has its unique beauty, but here are some highlights of recent adventures:

Baja, California has such intriguing topography. Every 5-10 kms., the terrain totally changes with different flora. It is a fascinating area of Mexico.


In Ohrid, Macedonia, the churches are exquisite and one can see Albania at the far end of the lake. It is a magical place!


Japan is one of my favorite countries. I love the temples, palaces and gardens there.


The Caribbean  

The volcano on St. Eustatius contains a primordial forest that is fun to explore. The photograph is taken from the fort on St. Kitts.


The pre-Columbian ruins in Mexico and Central America evoke a history that archeologists are still trying to unravel. These ruins at Calakmul are not well visited, yet they are extensive. One can see the ruins of Tikal on a clear morning from the top of the pyramids here. This city had been a rival of Tikal about 1,000 yrs. ago.


The Baroque churches in Mexico represent architectural masterpieces of the colonial era.