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At the age of 17, I left Paris with 10 francs in my pocket to realize a childhood dream of touring the world : not as a tourist, but rather as a student of mankind. After some years in Europe where I learned five languages, and in Canada to arrange financing, I set out to re-discover the world. As a hitchhiker on every conceivable type of transportation, living for the most part on a dollar-a-day for six years, I covered America from end to end, the Pacific Islands, The Far East, Trans-siberia, the Middle East, India, Iran and all of Africa. In 2004, I finally visited my last territory : the kingdom of Mustang (in the Himalayas). It took me altogether 50 years to realize my childhood dream : to see all countries and territories of the world.
Below 45°C in 1969 : the coldest winter in the 20th century !
   Hitch-hiking in Alaska in winter is forbidden.
This is the map of my world voyages.   It took me altogether 50 years to visit all countries and territories in the world. A life's sabbatical leave !  
 In France, they call me "Le Pape des Routards". In other words, "the KING OF THE ROAD"


André Brugiroux