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 Mike on South Georgia - 2006

Born on 17th November 1950, I lived in Geneva, Switzerland for the past 38 years.

As a kid I started reading and dreaming about places like Alaska, Ushuaia, Bora Bora etc. So logically, at the age of 18 I decided to work for an airline and found my place in flight operations. This enabled me to travel by air at great discounts. My first overseas trip took me to California and Alaska in 1971. And I haven't stopped travelling ever since even through I am no longer with an airline.

Here's short & very personal resume:

- started travelling in 1970

- most beautiful country visited (by far) : New Zealand

- most fascinating islands: South Georgia, Galapagos

- preferred continent: South America

- southernmost point reached: 65 deg m/s "Akademik Boris Petrov" Antarctic Peninsula 24th Jan. 1992

- northernmost point reached: 90 deg, skied the last degree, 30th April 1994

- highest point reached: 6959 m - summit of Mustagh Ata 7546 m, August 2nd 2008

- special moments: climbing Ruwenzori, Uganda & Liullallaco, Chile. Sleeping under the stars in Mauretania, encountering mountain gorillas in Rwanda and polar bears on Bathurst Island, Canada

- high on my "wish list": - Wrangel Island,  Emi Koussi, South Pole (no way: beyond my financial capabilities),

- preferred way of travel: by train, hiking