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Chris - my older son, cellular telephony stations technician. 

krzys1.JPG (19371 bytes) ...and few years ago.

Adam - my younger son,   great computer fan,  IT technician

Adam_luz.JPG (5837 bytes)...and few years ago

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I shall tell you the true: I am missing the time when they were so small and lovely kids...

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When they were 2 and 4 years old...

Since June 2004 my older son Chris has already his own family!  On June 12th he married Justyna.  Yes, the years go by, the children grow...   Nobody knows when Chris became a man.  Our charming Justyna came to Gdansk from Central Poland to study the economics in the high school and here they met each other.    

The celebration, attended by more then 100 friends and relatives  took place in the little forest church in Gdansk Matemblewo and brought to us a lot of positive emotions.

Justyna is very quite and charming person.  I am happy that she entered our family because I was always dreaming about having such a nice,  lovely daughter.   I hope she will be...


My younger son Adam got married in August 2006!  His wife - Beata is a farmers' daughter from Eastern Poland.


They know each other from the internet chat. Beata is handicapped people therapist. She is very enterprising person, very persistent in pursue her goals. She unaided learned... Norwegian language and worked for a long time in Norway.


I was driving more then 350 km to join the marriage ceremony in a little wooden catholic church in Rydzewo. More pictures from the wedding you can see on the page Beata & Adam.


Now Beata and Adam live and work in Oslo in Norway...

I have already 4 grandsons:

(December 2013)


Kamil - my oldest grandson:

  Kamil in 2013:  


  Piotr from Norway:

and the youngest - Alexander from Norway:

My four grandsons in 2019:

From the left: Kamil, Piotr, Kuba, Alex

And all men of Dabrowski family in April 2019:

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My Mom - the best of all mom's - her name was Marta. On 13th January 2003 my dear Mother unexpectedly  passed away. She was 87 years old.   She was very calm person, full of joy and cheerfulness.  She devoted all her life to the family, creating for us the home where everybody wanted to come back.

She cooked delicious cheese dumplings and she loved to go with me to "Wojtkówka" in sunny days...

She doesn't look 87 on this pisc, does she ?

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My Father - Zygmunt also is no longer among us - this is his last picture.  Before the second world war he was working at Central Army Armory in Modlin - close to Warsaw.  After the war he was employed as staff driver at fire-brigade. The only travel abroad he ever made was to the nazi concentration camp in Dachau near Munich, where he was imprisoned since 1940 till 1945. He survived this hell.   Liberated by Americans he returned to Poland and moved the family to Gdańsk.   I always showed to my Father great respect and esteem.   I owe a lot to him, he handed down to me his principle: "Whatever you do, do it by the way that will not bring you the shame..."


And this is the house where I live since many years...  Can you imagine how many people live there?  Now you understand why I am escaping to my calm "Wojtkówka"...


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