Gdansk,  Poland

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herb2.JPG (2630 bytes)Gdansk's coat of arms


katown2.jpg (33628 bytes) wpe14.jpg (5423 bytes)Gdansk is a provincial capital at the mouth of Vistula river to the Baltic. It is great commercial and ferry port (there are ferry connections to Sweden. It is also industrial center (petrochemicals, chemicals, shipbuilding, metallurgy & electrotechnics).

There are also cultural institutions: opera, philharmonic orchestra, theatres, numerous museums with the Central Marine Museum and National Museum on the top of the list.  Gdansk is also important scientific center -   university and five other schools of the same range are seated in the city. There are also numerous scientific institutes, library of the Polish Academy of Sciences and different scientific and cultural societies.

Gdansk just celebrated 1000 years of its history. The origins of Gdansk go back to the the 10th century. The port of Gdansk is mentioned already in 1148. This old Polish town was deceitfully captured by the Teutonic Knights in 1308. Regained in 1454, it was seized by Prussia in the second partition of Poland (1793). Then Gdansk became free city during the napoleonic period (1807-1815). After the Congress of Vienna it was again taken by Prussia, in the years 1919-1939 again free city, liberated in 1945 in battles that resulted in great destruction. After the second world war the historic part of the town was rebuilt with great reverence. Now Gdansk is one of the richest and most lavish complexes of architectonic relics in Poland





                                 OLD   CRANE  ON  MOTLAWA  RIVER

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ratusz11.jpg (30946 bytes) In the old part of the town - where my office was located - there are numerous old churches: the largest Gothic church in Poland of the Holy Virgin Mary (15th-16th century),  Church of St. Nicholas (14th century), baroque royal chapel (1678), Church of St. Catherine (14th century), Church of St. Brigida (14th-15th century), Church of  St. James (1432), St. Elisabeth (c.1400) and the others...

In  Dluga Street Town Hall of the main town (rebuilt 15th century late Gothic) is located, not far from Artus' Court and old Armoury (1602-1605). There is also Old Town Hall (1586-95) and Great Water-Mill. 

               TOWN   HALL  IN  THE  LONG  MARKET

There  are two magnificent monuments in Gdansk.  On the peninsula of Westerplatte, where the first shots of World War II were fired, there is a monument to the Defenders of the Coast.   In front of Gdansk Shipyard you will find a  monument to the dockyard workers who fell in 1970.




More my pictures from Gdansk organized in the slide-show you can see visiting my site in Globosapiens portal .  Enjoy!

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Motlawa river and old houses.

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