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    You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...


   When I was a boy I collected stamps from different countries and I was dreaming about travels...   My dreams soon came true. I was 14-years old when for the first time I went abroad - to Czechoslovakia. Then I traveled every year during my vacations - farther and farther.  It was very hard time for first Polish travelers-backpackers: police kept our passports, it was necessary to have an official invitation to go to the west and we were  buying currencies secretly on a black market.  To save extra money I started to write articles for the press in Poland. I was also giving lectures and slide shows - hundreds of them - in the public clubs and libraries.  Many people helped me to prepare for my travel - they collected necessary info, sent me invitation letters, organize visas and hard currency. Thanks to all of You!  I shall never forget your support!  I am also proud that I never used any financial or other support from any organization or institution...

   Now it is already more then 230 countries and all seven continents on my list.   I traveled already twelve times solo around the world.  But I do not travel just to get a stamp of one more country to my passport.    Each new country gives me chance new discover something new, something unknown and fascinating - each time it is new adventure.   I like to learn people and their day-to-day life, their culture and customs.  I also love nature, its beauty very often is exceeding our expectations.   I always plan well ahead and I try to be well prepared for my trips - it gives me a chance to see as much as possible and don't waste valuable time...    There is still so much to see in the world...           I also know that somewhere there, at the end of my trail my fascinating eighth continent - the meeting place of all mad globies is still waiting to be discovered.  It is closer and closer.   But so far I am not hurry to travel there, it is still a lot to see on our seven continents...

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